The future belongs to the one who saw an opportunity in the present

A real revolution in the making of coffee drinks!


The WMF super-automatic coffee machines from Germany set the trend in the global coffee market. Incredible reliability, the magnificent design, and a huge selection of coffee drinks make the WMF coffee machines the equipment everyone wants to have in a variety of locations, from a small office to self-service zones at filling stations with foot traffic of over 100 people per hour.

The digital component, which allows to not only account for the number of cups drunk but also to carry out a remote control and set-up without the visit of a technician, deserves special attention. With the WMF software, you can manage dozens and hundreds of coffee machines without leaving the office.

Advantages of the WMF coffee machines



A reliability guarantee at all the stages. From manufacturing and testing to transportation and installation at a customer’s site.

Product Range

A wide choice of drinks by pressing one button on a touchscreen.

Accounting and Control

With telemetry, you’ll always be in the know of the number of drinks sold.

After-Sales Support

Technical support is provided both remotely and on-site.

Cost Saving

Cutting costs from the moment of installation. No dedicated personnel, no constant adjustments are needed.


We give you an opportunity to share the coffee industry future with the super-automatic coffee machines by WMF.

  • After-Sales Support — guarantees assistance in any difficult situation.

  • Dozens of drinks in one place — a great choice for customers and employees

  • 360-degree sales cycle — all in one place

Not only the sale but the partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit.

Our Values

To bring the most innovative solutions to the coffee market.

To get closer to our customers and solve the challenges they may face.

We ensure a full logistics cycle. From the installation to supplying coffee and accessories.

We promise to our customers that the WMF equipment will exceed all their expectations.

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