WMF milk coolers and WMF syrup station

Central cooler 10.5l

The volume of the milk container is 10.5 liters, a temperature and milk sensor, the ability to simultaneously connect 2 machines. Suitable for all models except WMF 1100S and Basic Milk versions.

Lower cooler 9.5l

It is installed under the machine, the container volume is up to 9.5 liters of milk. Suitable for all machines except WMF 1100S.

Rack with a wide refrigerator

45 – 130 cups, with legs, the volume of the milk container is 9.5 liters, LED lights, 2 shelves with heating, for all machines.

Syrup station

For WMF 1500 S +, 5000 S, 5000 S + 9000 S +, holds up to 4 different bottles of syrup.

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